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Business Plan

The business plan is a document summarizing the essential information about the company, its environment and history, its past and current activities, its short and long term goals.

A business plan usually has the following standard parts:

• Historical analysis of the company, its performance and financial situation over the years;
• The mission or reason for existence, description, short and long term business goals, reflecting demand and business opportunities, and a series of gradual steps, enabling the company to achieve near and distant goals, and determine their time;
• Description of business, market and competition, place of business, premises and other facilities, management and personnel;
• Operational plan and budget in the form: projections of future operating results, financial situation today and for future years; cash flow company in the future (at least for the next five years);
• Expected sources of funding now required to meet its needs to achieve goals.

As an example and an example of good business is best served by sweeping pattern - outline:

First Introduction and summary
1.1 Business Opportunities and Strategies
1.2 Target market and conditions of its development
1.3 Competitive advantages
1.4 Economics, profitability and potential for business success
1.5 The team of
6.1 Offer financial opportunities
Second Description of business
1.2 Business Courses
2.2 The Company and its intention
3.2 Products and Services
4.2 Strategy formation and development
Third Survey and Market Analysis
1.3 Customers
2.3 The scope and market trends
3.3 Competition and its limitations
3.4 Estimated market share and sales volume
3.5 Continuous evaluation of market
4th Economics
1.4 Total operating income and
2.4 Profit potential and the assumption of profitability
4.3 Fixed, variable costs and poloproměnné
4.4 Time to break-even point (in months or years)
5.4 Time to positive cash flow
5th Marketing Plan
5.1 The overall market strategy
2.5 Pricing
3.5 Sales Tactics
5.4 Service and warranty policy
5.5 Advertising and promotion
5.6 Distribution
6th Planning and preparation of technical development
6.1 Initial status and challenges of development
6.2 Difficulties and risks
6.3 Product improvement and new products
4.6 Costs (investment)
6.5 Issues of property rights
7th Production and operational plan
7.1 The operating cycle
7.2 Geographic location
7.3 Objects and outdoor equipment
4.7 Strategies and Plans
7.5 Regulatory and legal issues
8th Management Team - Management
8.1 Organization
2.8 Staff management
8.3 Salaries and bonuses of management and owners
8.4 Other investors
5.8 Staff
6.8 Board of Directors
8.7 Shareholders or partners, their rights and limitations
8.8 Professional consultants and other services
9th Timetable for implementation
10th Financial Analysis
1.10 The current income statement and balance sheet
2.10 Planning income
3.10 Planning sheet
4.10 Analysis of cash flow
5.10 The financial internal rate of return
6.10 Sensitivity Analysis
7.10 Clear summary of conclusions
11th Economic Analysis
1.11 Compliance with the program strategy
2.11 Justification of the project
3.11 Objectives and definition of project
4.11 Analysis of costs and benefits of alternative solutions (quantitative and financial
5.11 The economic internal rate of return
6.11 Comparison of alternative solutions
12th Risk Analysis
13th Project Financing
14th Attachments



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